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  About us

Welcome to TecMaths Overseas Program! Your international experience starts with us.

How can we help you and why should you choose us over any other company offering a similar service

  • We want the best for you!
    Our philosophy is that the student comes first. Our counsellors work hard to ensure that they help you make an informed decision about your study choices. We will not market a course or an institution to you just because we may gain from it in some way. Instead, our counsellors work with you to find out what suits you the best.
  • We offer a wide choice of courses and institutions.
    We represent over 150 education institutions worldwide. We are selective about the institutions we represent and ensure that they are genuine education providers and are government approved.
  • A 'one-stop shop' service.
    We support you throughout your application process - from helping you choose the best available to you to making an application, applying for the visa, pre-departure services (accommodation, student loans etc.)
  • We offer personalised services from professional counsellors.
    We take great pride in our staff and have a wonderful team of counsellors and professionals working for us. Our counsellors are trained and have to meet the benchmarks set by the company to ensure that they provide the best advice to you.
  • Get Quality Advice for Quality Education only at TecMaths Overseas Program.
  • Predeparture briefing and training for students wherein they get a chance to meet the other students going to the same university or country.
  • We have a sterling track record when it comes to student visas.