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Country Overview

Australia has one of the highest standards of living in the world. It is an English-speaking country with a population of about 21.5 million. It is home to people from over 190 countries, and at least one in five Australians was born overseas. Cultural diversity is part of its national identity and is one of Australia's greatest strengths. Australia is the next 'hot' destination after the USA, in terms of numbers, quality and living conditions. Australia has a prosperous and mixed economy in western-style with a per capita GDP in excess of many urbanized countries like, UK, Germany, and France.
The excellence in Education, the multicultural background of students, value for money, English speaking country and on top of that, Governmental and institution support for international students are some other aspects that has made Australia a very attractive destination for students from all over the world.

Education System

The education system in Australia provides top notch opportunities for International students seeking world-class academic and individual experience. It provides qualitative education which is highly regarded and widely recognized worldwide. Australian offers diverse courses, which covers 12 years of primary and secondary education. There is a vast range of study courses available in Australian education, which includes traditional academic programs in addition to the further practical and vocational courses.
The academic year for Australia commence in the month of February and ends in November. Many universities and colleges also accept enrolments in July. Many universities and vocational institutes conduct semester end exams in June and November. There is a four to six week break between semesters and a long summer holiday from December to February. Some institutions operate on a three semester (trimester) calendar or a four semester (terms) calendar.

Why Australia?

Australia has one of the highest standards of living in the world. The major reason why students choose to study in Australian universities is for its high quality of lifestyle and education. Another reason for choosing Australia is for its cost efficiency. The education and living expenditure in Australia will be comparatively 40 to 60 percent less than that of USA/UK, varying with the location. Among various study courses, Indian students prefer technology and management programs and accountancy in addition to the management subjects.
Every year, several thousand students from India and throughout the world go to Australia, for world-class education, which is recognized globally and that has top-class and highly ranked universities. Australian universities and training institutions offer a wide range of courses to meet most aspirations and requirements. The curriculum and infrastructure are the latest while the faculty is up-to-date and progressive in outlook and result-oriented.
One excellent advantage for Indian students is the similarity between Indian and Australian education systems, which are broadly patterned on the British education system. Therefore, it is easier for admission into any level without the hassle of credential evaluation, university review of qualifications etc. Also, because of flexibility in their education system, students who have completed two years of Bachelors/Diploma could enroll directly into the 2ndor 3rdyear of Bachelor's program in Australian institutions. Australian degrees are recognized by the Association of Indian Universities for purposes of government employment and further education in an Indian university.

Australian University List

    RMIT University
    Latrobe University
    Swinburne University Of Technology
    Deakin University
    ACU-National - Melbourne Campus
    Victoria University
    AMI @University of Ballarat
    Box Hill TAFE
    Holmes Institute
    MIBT- Deakin University
    ATMC @ University Of Ballarat
    Central Queensland University
    Chisholm Institute TAFE
    University Of Ballarat
    Gordon Institute - TAFE
    University Of Western Sydney
    ACU-National-Sydney Campus
    University Of Ballarat @ IIBIT
    University Of Wollongong
    Curtain University - Sydney Campus
    La Trobe (ACN)
    University Of Southern Queensland
    Southern Cross University
    SIBT - Macquarie University
    University Of New England @ ISBT
    Holmes Institute
    Macquarie City Campus
    Sydney School of Business and Technology
    Canterbury Business College
    Canterbury Language Academy
    Charles Sturt University
    University of Adelaide
    Flinders University
    University of South Australia
    University Of Ballarat @ IIBIT
    Le Cordon Bleu
    Eynesbury College - Flinders University
    Curtin University of Technology
    Edith Cowan University
    PIBT - Edith Cowan University
    Curtin College
    Griffith University
    ACU National - Brisbane Campus
    James Cook University (JCU)
    University of Southern Queensland
    SouthBank Institute of Technology (SBIT)
    Gold Coast Institute of Tafe (GCIT)
    QIBT - Griffith University
    Sarina Russo Schools Australia
    Holmes Institute
    Canterbury Technical Institute