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According to analysis the Development & Growth of the Brain begins from 4 to 6 years at a High Speed the progression then slow down after 12 years when growth reach 75% on order to give equal reign to the overall. Intelligence of the cerebrum, both the Right & Left Brain must be trained at the same time at the right age. The creativity function of the Right Brain needs to be boosted by the Information stored in the Left Brain in order for the child to become an excellent Scientist, Engineer, Designer or Business person.

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Teaching Method of TecMaths abacus course is good. He is performing well. We could make out from his daily studies of school, especially maths. Doing calculations very fast. Teacher is also giving good knowledge to students. Communication is good. Good understanding

Sidhant Kesarkar

I understand that every student need Abacus Knowledge due to tough competition during this period. After joining TecMaths Abacus Course, my son Akash Verma is also showing interest in this course because now he can easily solve mathematics papers

J.P. Verma

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