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"Technical education is the prime need of every child hence TecMaths is his need. Creative type of education is the prime need of hour and TecMaths is creative and interesting which is done by child in fun and frolic way.
TecMaths is actually very easy than maths unless and until you do the justification with it. It is not only the technique of calculation, it helps to develop the memory of child in various field.
Memory of child sharpens by practising this method. His grasping power also improves in other subject.
Parents can certainly find changes regarding study development of their child.
Last but not least i.e. TecMaths is only gain and gain and no loss. After this, child will be able to solve problematic sums with greater ease and speed. As a result, he develops a lot of confidence."
     -Mrs. Singh, Parent of Suhani Singh , St. Mary School, Andheri

"I understand that every student need Abacus Knowledge due to tough competition during this period. After joining TecMaths Abacus Course, my son Akash Verma is also showing interest in this course because now he can easily solve mathematics papers"
     -Shri J.P. Verma , Father of Akash Verma, IV (B) student, Terna English Medium School, Nerul

"My child is studying in ASP Convent High School. He is in 1st Std. He is learning TecMaths abacus. I made my child join TecMaths Abacus to get him more interest in maths while calculating. I want him to make maths his friend and favourite subject.
After joining TecMaths, he has improved in his calculating way and is getting more interest."
     -VIjayalaxmi B. Hiremath, Parent, ASP School, 1st Std., Gansoli

"My Child jhanvi is studying in NORTH POINT SCHOOL, in 5th Std. She is learning abacus from TecMaths. To show more interest and improvement in maths, I put her in TecMaths abacus Course.
I found improvement in maths, mentally she is able to do her sums, She is able to give immediate reply when questioned. Above all, she finds a lot of interest in TecMaths Abacus Course"
     -Hemlata, Parent of Jhanvi, 5th Std., North Point School, Koperkharine

"My one daughter studies in Saraswati school and other daughter in Saint Anthony School. First I enrolled one daughter in TecMaths abacus classes, her maths improved a lot that is why I enrolled my other daughter. My one daughter is in sixth Std. and other one is in seventh Std. They have joined for the last one and half month and both are enjoying TecMaths Abacus Course."
     -Karishma Gandhi, parent of Saraswati school, Chembur

"She has become intelligent in studies. She has got better in explaining and teaching to her friends. In fact she does very good negotiation while doing shopping."
     -Ajit Patil, Parent of Manali, CKT School

"My two sons who have joined TecMaths abacus course find it very interesting. This is mathematical course in which kids solve it very easily and in very less time."
     -Vikas salve, Father of Sahil and swapnil, at Terna School, Nerul

"After joining TecMaths , my son can do calculations very fast and most important thing is that, previously he was not able to remember mathematics table but after joining the course, he is able to remember the mathematics tables very easily."
     -Shradha Shinde, parent of Kashish, 3rd Std., All India High School , Andheri East

"My daughter has joined TecMaths abacus course and she is really enjoying a lot. This is the only course where I do not have to tell daughter to study. She herself take initiative and study this course."
     -Parent of Priyam Patel, VII Std., Fatima School, Vidhyavihar

"TecMaths is very interesting and my child takes interest in mathematics after joining the course. I am very happy by their methodology."
     -Parent of Dishika, Sr Kg., St. Mary school, Andheri

"Teaching Method of TecMaths abacus course is good. He is performing well. We could make out from his daily studies of school, especially maths. Doing calculations very fast. Teacher is also giving good knowledge to students. Communication is good. Good understanding."
     -Sidhant Shrikant Kesarkar, Parent, CKT School, Panvel


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