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Franchise Support

Technical Training
The new TecMaths Franchise will undergo four days of intensive training, covering all aspects of the TecMaths franchise business including, but not limited to, product and curriculum knowledge, classroom operation and training, customer service, accounting, advertising, marketing and hiring recommendations.

Ongoing Assistance
TecMaths managers are experienced operator who knows the industry, to give all the Franchises whatever support they need. .

Advertising & Promotions
TecMaths believes in promoting its brand name with powerful advertising tools to drive consumers to its franchise locations. We will use a proven combination of local advertising, direct mail and grass roots marketing to reach the widest possible TecMaths customer base. TecMaths will also provide assistance to the franchise community to ensure that clients are retained within the system.

Expert Experience in the Tutoring and Enrichment Program Industry
The new TecMaths operator will have the outstanding advantage of utilizing TecMaths' years of knowledge accumulated in the math enrichment and tutoring industry. TecMaths' expertise in student instruction, curriculum development, customer service, parent satisfaction, and teacher recruitment, makes it number one in customer satisfaction.

Unique Products and Services
TecMaths is not a one size fits all program. TecMaths has, developed a unique method of teaching mathematical concepts, blending old world technique and new world demands. The concepts work for all children, but the instructors will tailor the instruction to meet the individual needs of each child. TecMaths will be sure to train all franchise owners as specifically and individually as students are taught to ensure the integrity of the brand and the products.

Right to Our Name
You will have authority to open our centres across your respective city , provided it is approved by the company , so with one Franchise you can open number of centres in the city.

A well-organized concept and system that offers you the opportunity for a substantial return on your investment because of:

  1. A low franchise fee
  2. Low start-up costs
  3. Low ongoing business expenses
  4. An easy-to-learn operating system
  5. Ongoing franchise support
  6. Limited competition
  7. An unusually high renewal rate
  8. Projected growth


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