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Teacher Qualifications:
All of our abacus teachers will be trained and certified following the guidelines set forth by Foster Mind Academy Pvt. Ltd. Teachers of the other programs are well educated and trained by the professional trainers of TecMaths.

Certification for Students:
Students of TecMaths program will receive the certificates after successful completion of the courses.

TecMaths' goal is to help students be proficient in mathematics at school and beyond. Our students are not only fluent in computations, they learn comprehensively in all math strands. In addition to the set curriculum, we believe that competitions challenge and inspire students to want to learn more mathematics. In math competitions, students will be in touch with higher level thinking problems that are dynamic, "untraditional", and "outside of the box". Unfortunately, not many schools offer the opportunities of math competitions due to lack of either the desire from school management or a capable coach. Our mental math students are encouraged to participate in the annual "Speedy Math" competition conducted by the company itself.



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